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Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

A reasonably comprehensive overview of some of the most popular machine learning algorithms and libraries in Python and R.

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FastAI: Introduction to Machine Learning for Coders

An in-depth course taught by a world-class machine learning practitioner, Jeremy Howard, who goes into state-of-the-art techniques for structured and unstructured datasets.

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Udacity CS101: Intro to Programming

An introduction to computer science for those with no coding experience, taught in Python 2, with short lectures and frequent quizzes to test your knowledge.

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Statistical Learning

Taught by two world-renowned statisticians at Stanford, this course gives a far more statistical treatment of machine learning concepts for beginners with some stats background.

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MITx 6.00.1x: Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python

Another great online course from a top university, MIT, taught by Eric Grimson, former MIT chancellor. Exclusively in Python, it teaches fundamentals from basic algorithms to principles of OOP.

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Java Programming Masterclass for Software Developers

A comprehensive introduction to Java, almost exclusively delivered through short, hands-on lectures that directly implement the features discussed with practical examples. Highly recommended.

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