Make job hunting fun again (kind of)

November 08 2019
Make job hunting fun again (kind of)

There may exist some people in this world who enjoy job hunting, but we have not met one of them yet. As data scientist/developer jobs are becoming more and more popular, it is all the more important to know how to keep track of the most interesting opportunity and make your application to stand out. Here are a continuously updating suite of tools and services that we have tried or want to try for getting that next job.


One way to get yourself to stop putting off writing or updating your resume is make doing it fun and attractive. Remember the good old days of fiddling with Microsoft Word margins to get that two-column look just right? In recent years, almost too many online resume template/building platforms have popped up to keep track of. Here we have a collection of such platforms that offer at least some level of free services.

For creating the “official” resume to be send out, our favourites are CakeResume and Flow CV, as they offer the most innovative interfaces, generous free tiers and just the right amount of flexibility. For something a bit different, Qwilir offers templates to create a single-page web document to display the most salient points of your resume, which can be linked as part of a professional portfolio. Nevertheless, as everyone’s resume needs and aesthetic sensibilities differ, it might be worthwhile to look through each of the links below to find one that you particularly like.

Finally, we have not tried it yet, but Resume Worded offers a free AI-powered review of your data science resume to check for important key words.